How Does Kinesiology Tape Work? Very Effectively!

Person Applying Special Kinesio Tape On Man's Shoulder

Kinesiology tape is a brightly-colored adhesive tape that often shows up on professional athletes. Interest frequently peaks around the Summer Olympics, when bright patches of Kinesiology tape are much in evidence during televised competitions. Proponents of the product’s benefits believe it alleviates pain and soreness, improves posture, and reduces swelling. How does kinesiology tape work? […]

Does Physical Therapy Tape Really Help, Or Is It All Psychological?

Extreme close-up of hands holding kinesio tape and scissors over

In the past few Olympiads, many athletes have drawn attention by wearing distinctive, often brightly-colored tape on their skin. This is particularly noticeable in events like beach volleyball and track and field, where large areas of skin are on display. These colorful adhesives are known by many names, including therapeutic tape, kinesiology tape, and (in […]

How To Tape A Knee And Treat An Injury

Woman With Injured Knee Doing Physiotherapy Exercise

Runners and other athletes frequently injure their knees, and knowing how to treat these injuries can be tricky. The last thing you want is to be immobilized for months on end, unable to exercise or compete. The right treatment can help your knee heal as quickly as possible so that you can get back in […]

Taping Shin Splints Effectively

Man Running With Kinesiotape

Many people have experienced the deep, throbbing pain caused by shin splints. They’re most common when an individual starts engaging in aggressive exercise for the first time, but even highly trained and experienced athletes sometimes have to deal with them. Taping shin splints is a tried-and-true method of treatment, and it comes in a couple […]

Answering The Question “What Is KT Tape”

Kinesio Taped Injured Leg

From time to time, an athlete gains a little extra notoriety by appearing in a televised event sporting brightly-colored adhesive strips on his or her shoulders, back, or legs. This always leads to a wave of curious spectators eager to learn more. The basic question “what is KT tape” is easily answered, and amateur athletes […]